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Arvo Solar designs and installs solar power systems for residential and commercial customers. We have helped thousands of families and business owners cut their energy costs and reduce their reliance on the energy grid

People everywhere a re going solar! Solar power systems reduce energy costs, give you more control over when and how you use energy, and give you energy independence.



We only use the highest caliber solar equipment

We only use Tier 1 and Class A system equipment-best available. Featuring the highest fire safety rating and slowest degradation rates, you will know your system is made with only the best equipment.

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We install the best solar systems, with the best equipment, at the most competitive prices. We are your solar power partner, not just another contractor.

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You can enjoy the security of not only having energy independence, but also knowing that we will always be there when you need us.

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Learn About Elk Grove, CA

Solar energy in Elk Grove is a great way to save on energy costs, and a step closer to a greener future. But what is solar photovoltaics, and what are the benefits of using solar in your California home?

What is Solar?

The term ‘solar’ is used when harnessing the energy of the sun to produce electricity. This can be done via a material called solar cells.

You probably already know about solar cells in small scale- some calculators are powered by light and can work without batteries, which is an example of solar photovoltaic energy. PV, or photovoltaics relies on the sun and converts the light directly to electricity.

Solar is the process of tapping into light to collect energy that’s converted into electricity. As you may know, the electricity collected can be used to power any number of items, devices and appliances, such as a LED bulb or a fan, for example. With enough solar panels and current, you’ll be able to power small to mid-capacity appliances, such as a smartphone, tablet or even a microwave oven or AC.

Solar setups are relatively simple, although the major part is determining the best spot to put your solar panels in. You will need a location that gets unfiltered and direct sunlight so greater energy can be collected and turned into usable electricity. Some panels work in part-shade, but for the best results you should position your panels to where it can get unencumbered light all day.

Solar is quickly becoming a popular option for those who want renewable energy and for off-the-grid and mobile power solutions. It’s safe, noiseless and cost-efficient as well. Furthermore, energy collected can be used for backup reasons and when the power goes out.

Benefits of Solar

Solar is available in Elk Grove and in many parts of California. Thankfully, the state is blessed with adequate sunshine throughout the year, which means that homeowners can get free energy to power their electronic or technological needs using solar electricity.

Here are 4 benefits of solar for your home.

Green, Renewable Energy

The main advantage of using PV is the green and renewable energy it provides. Unlike the grid, you can get essential electricity by drawing sunlight in through the solar panels and using the electricity to power your home. Sunlight is inexhaustible, and there’s virtually no carbon footprint if you tap into photovoltaic cells.

Solar energy is prominent among green energy sources and can be utilized in mobile setups. RVs and camping enthusiasts can take a portable solar generator and gain access to free electricity while outdoors.

Lower Reliance to the Grid

Another appeal of solar is that you don’t have to rely on the grid for your daily power needs. In remote areas or where you can’t get a lot of electricity, a solar setup is ideal and the recommended solution.

A lower reliance and backup energy means you can keep your devices or appliances running even when the power goes out. You can set it up so a battery collects the stored electricity and come as a useful backup in the event of a natural disaster, such as storms, hurricanes and the like.

Save on Energy Bills

Most Elk Grove residents are at the mercy of the rising costs of electricity in their area. However, since they are reliant to the grid there’s no choice but to shoulder the burden. Now, you won’t have to experience the same thing if you opt for PV cells.

By tapping into an alternative energy source you won’t consume as much electricity as before. Depending on your setup, you can allocate a good portion of your daily electricity needs to PV and get the rest from the grid. This way, your monthly energy bills won’t be as high as it used to- you can allocate more money on other necessities, such as food or clothing, for instance.

Silent Operation and Low Maintenance

Lastly, solar is an excellent solution for urban and suburban settings as it doesn’t produce any noise at all. The PV cells have no moving parts and therefore do no emit noise that could disrupt your day-to-day activities. Another positive thing about PVs is that they require little maintenance, other than having to clean the surface of the solar panels every now and then.

It’s worth noting that PVs are easy to install and are versatile enough to be positioned nearly anywhere in your house. You’ll be able to collect green energy as long as there’s enough sunlight in your home.

Who is Solar Good For?

Solar is a viable and practical solution in many scenarios. You can set it up in remote areas, as an emergency backup or for mobile purposes, such as in RVs or when you’re camping outdoors.

PV cells are recommended for Elk Grove residents who wish to have a renewable source of energy they can use for daily living. Technology has advanced to a point where solar is becoming a cost-effective way to get off-grid. Those who use it will be more independent and save a lot of money once the costs are recouped.

Alternatively, PV cells can be installed on top of vehicles, or as a portable hardware so users can lay it out or attach a battery backup system. With this kind of arrangement you’ll be able to consume electricity even when the sun has gone down for the day.

Lastly, switching to an alternative and renewable source is good for the environment and for the future as well. The world won’t have to rely on fossil fuel or nuclear plants for their energy needs.

About Elk Grove, California

A city located in Sacramento County, Elk Grove is within the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville and has a population of 173K residents in 2020.

Elk Grove is situated between the Delta waterways and wine country, and offers several activities for tourists and residents alike. Elk Grove solar is available for homeowners and business owners who wish to tap into a green and sustainable energy for their power needs.