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California Automobile Museum

California Automobile Museum

The California Automobile Museum is a top-notch museum that honors the development of the automobile and its influence on American culture and society. It is situated in Sacramento, California. Visitors can take a fascinating journey through the development of the automobile, from the earliest horseless carriages to the most modern, high-tech vehicles, thanks to the museum’s extensive collection of automobiles and exhibits.

The California Automobile Museum’s past

In order to preserve the state’s automotive history, a group of local auto enthusiasts founded the California Automobile Museum in 1983. The museum, which is housed in a historic structure in Sacramento’s downtown area, offers a large collection of vehicles and exhibits that trace the development of the automobile.

The museum has grown its collection and facilities over time to rank among the top auto museums worldwide. The museum’s programs and exhibits today give visitors a thorough understanding of the development and impact of the automobile in California and beyond.

A list of the California Automobile Museum’s displays and collections

The exhibits and collections at the California Automobile Museum span a wide range of automobile-related subjects. The role of the automobile in American culture and society is discussed, as are the numerous innovations and technologies that have improved driving safety and efficiency. Visitors can also explore the development of automobile design and technology.

The collection of vintage automobiles, which includes some of the most recognizable and adored vehicles in American history, is one of the museum’s most well-liked exhibits. On certain days, visitors can ride in a classic car or explore the interiors of many of these vehicles.

Additionally, the museum offers a wide range of interactive displays and exhibits that interest visitors of all ages. Visitors can try their hand at a variety of automotive-related tasks, from changing a tire to rebuilding an engine, thanks to the interactive learning exhibits. The museum’s theater presents movies and videos about the development of the automobile, and the exhibit galleries offer a variety of multimedia and interactive exhibits.

The California Automobile Museum’s events and programs

The California Automobile Museum hosts a variety of events and programs all year long. Live music, food, and entertainment are provided at the museum’s special events like CruiseFest and Cars and Coffee, which also include unique exhibits and displays that highlight various facets of automotive history.

Additionally, the museum offers a range of educational activities that give visitors a deeper appreciation of the significance and history of the automobile, such as workshops and lectures. The Junior Engineers program, one of the museum’s youth initiatives, gives kids a fun and interesting way to learn about automobiles and engineering.

the California Automobile Museum visit

The California Automobile Museum is open every day, with different admission prices based on membership status and age. There are exhibits and displays for people of all ages and interests, so visitors can easily spend a full day exploring the museum.

Visitors with disabilities can access the museum without any barriers, and wheelchair rentals are available upon request. A variety of books, presents, and mementos pertaining to the history of the automobile are available in the museum’s gift shop.


Anyone who is interested in the development and culture of the automobile should make a point of visiting the California Automobile Museum. The museum provides visitors with a thorough look at the development of the automobile and its influence on American society through its sizable collection of automobiles, exhibits, and interactive displays.

The California Automobile Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in automobiles or just looking to have a good time and learn something new. The museum is conveniently located in the center of Sacramento, making it accessible to both locals and visitors.